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New revolutionary paper litter!

New revolutionary litter for animals now available in Bas St-Laurent!

 4 times higher absorption capacity than conventional wood shavings. So reduces humidity and ammonia odors.

 Soft texture, very comfortable for the animal, reducing pain problems in the legs and hooves of the animal.

 Safe for health, dust free.

 Better for the environment because it decomposes faster and does not change the PH of your fields like some wood species can.

 Perfect for horses, cattle, kennels, chicken coop, etc.

Format: bag, pallet or full valve.

Delivery available for pallet and valve orders for Bas St-Laurent and part of New Brunswick only.

For single bags, you must go directly to the L'Éden Horse Up store during opening hours: 965 route 230, St-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Qc, G0L 2G0

Contact us for more information !