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Avant Gardiste

Secure replenishment easily while winning prizes!

    < li style = "text-align: left;"> Do you ever come to the store and your pet's usual diet is no longer available?
  • Would you like to get more for your money?
  • How would you like to spoil your pet a little more without spending more? < / li>

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Avant Gardiste program is for you!

It has happened at least once for us to show up in store and the power supply or format is no longer available.

I know how stressful and even frustrating it can be. Several questions cross our minds. Where can I find it? If I change, will my pet like the new food or have a reaction? Will the price be the same? Etc ... All these questions are quite legitimate when it comes to the well-being of a family member!

If you have ever been in this situation, and have felt this stress and these questions, it is very normal. This is why I invite you to subscribe to THE solution to guarantee the replenishment of your food without unpleasant surprises!

Our promise:

Not only do we guarantee that your food will be available, but you will also receive an additional discount or promotion on each of your visit Avant Gardiste .

The program included *:

  • Eden guarantees that your food will be available the next time you visit.
  • You will receive Eden points for each of your purchases.
  • You will receive a free food bag with every purchase of 12 bags.
  • You will receive an additional discount or promotion with each renewal.
  • Renewal without commitment t during your store visits.

Avant Gardiste is THE solution

  • You pay for your food in advance to ensure its availability.
  • You receive your Eden points sooner.
  • You benefit from discounts and promotions with each renewal, which non-members do not have.
  • The renewal is done during the payment of your order and not automatically. Which means everything is easy if you terminate it!
  • So more for your money and more peace of mind!
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    * If you join the program is only feeding your pet is not available on your next visit, L'Éden will offer you another kind of replacement with a 15% discount. If, however, food is not available for some reason beyond Eden's control, this will not apply. To do this, Eden will have to demonstrate to you via a communication from the supplier that this food is really out of stock. Allow 3-4 weeks between payment and picking up your order.

    ** You will get your instant prices and promotions at checkout. All we cut are winners !!!

    *** Only one promotion per invoice. So it is not possible to combine, for example, the Eden point exchange plus the instant prize draw, or the free bag with the draw, etc.

    **** This does not not all suppliers offer the 13 th free bag after purchasing 12. Ask at checkout.

    ***** The program only applies to 'to feed cats, dogs and horses.